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Expert Fort Lauderdale Plumbing Advice For Your Irrigation System

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When most homeowners have a sprinkler or irrigation system installed, they’re not aware that there are things they need to know about it that are important. Our Plumbing Experts in Fort Lauderdale put together a few things for you that can keep you informed about things that can make a difference in how well your system performs as well as how efficient it is.

When it comes to your plumbing system, your sprinkler or irrigation system is part of what delivers and distributes fresh water to your home and landscape. It’s so sad to see a business or home with a sprinkler system that wastes water for hours at a time just because a few little tweaks weren’t made to the system.

To start off, our Plumbing Professionals at CEC Plumbing would just like to advise that having a Plumbing professional come out to evaluate, check, adjust, and make any needed repairs is the wisest thing you can do about once a year. It’s great to have this done in the Fall because you can get your system winterized for you to keep it safe from freezing weather.

Here are a few questions we’ve been asked before and a response from our Plumbing Pros that should help you. If you have any further needs or questions or are in need of a little repair or maintenance, just give us a call!

Q: Does having a sprinkler system really save time?

A: Absolutely! Automatic sprinklers or irrigation systems save a lot of standing around time and plenty of valuable time you could be spending on replanting those plants that died while you were on vacation!

Q: What exactly is the sprinkler system made of, or what components are involved in the setup?

A: Most are comprised of the controller which is the brains of the system, valves which open or shut to control water flow to the pipes, and sprinkler heads that deliver the water to specific areas of the lawn or landscape.

Q: What’s one or two main advantages of having a Plumbing Professional Install a sprinkler system vs. watering by hand?

A: The biggest advantage you may have is in the fact that each area of your lawn and landscape may have different watering needs. For instance, you may have a grouping of plants that require watering once a day, where nearby you have a an area that only needs it every few days. A smart system can be set up to accommodate those needs. Fully adjustable, your sprinklers can be configured in any number of ways to meet the needs of your entire landscape. The second major advantage is saving you the time and trouble of doing it by hand.

Q: Why would I need a Plumbing Professional to install a sprinkler system if it rains a lot in our area?

A: Even when it rains a lot, it doesn’t consistently always rain every day or every other day. When rainfall is measured, it’s an accumulated measurement over time, not something that’s evenly distributed. Plants require regular watering and can’t go periods without water or they’ll get sickly and succumb to insect infestations and diseases. Even if you can’t see your plants slowly dying off, they may be if you’re not watering regularly and thoroughly.

If you would like more information on Plumbing Installations of Irrigation Systems, please call 954-791-2327 or complete our online request form.