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Irrigation System Installation & Repairs for Your Home

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Growing and maintaining a beautiful lawn in Fort Lauderdale requires a properly installed irrigation system. Without an irrigation system installation, you might spend hours each week dragging a hose around the yard. Additionally, if your current irrigation system is damaged or worn-out, water can be wasted, resulting in higher water bills and an overwatered yard. To maintain luscious, green lawns, Fort Lauderdale homeowners should schedule an irrigation system installation with a trusted plumbing company like CEC Plumbing.

Irrigation systems don't always operate smoothly, and when yours malfunctions, contacting your local plumber is advised. Our plumbing company can address a number of irrigation system complications and perform an irrigation system installation or repair if necessary. If you have concerns about your irrigation system, schedule an irrigation system installation or repair for your Fort Lauderdale home or business with the experienced professionals at CEC Plumbing.

Reach out to our plumbing company if your irrigation system is experiencing any of the following problems:

  • A power failure resets the system incorrectly
  • Spray heads are leaking
  • Pop-up spray heads cease to pop up
  • Nozzles and small tubing clog with dirt and debris
  • Valves are leaking
  • Rotary spray heads cease to rotate
  • Tubing becomes kinked
  • Lawnmower runs over spray heads
  • Filter screens become clogged

Irrigation System Repair

Identifying problems with your irrigation system can be difficult, but clear signs of complications include soggy soil and dying grass. If your Fort Lauderdale lawn appears underwatered or overwatered, then a serious problem could be causing the irrigation system to malfunction. A reputable plumbing company can perform repairs to resolve problems such as water run-off, broken equipment, clogged sprinkler heads, design complications, and loose or missing sprinkler nozzles.

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If you are looking for a professional irrigation system installation company, then please call us at 954-791-2327 or complete our online request form.