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Video Sewer Inspections for Your Home

Fort Lauderdale Sewer Line Inspection

The treatment of sewer line complications can begin with professional video sewer inspections performed by an experienced plumbing company like CEC Plumbing. Many of the countless pipes beneath Fort Lauderdale homes and streets are very old. Although they're durable, these pipes are typically made of cast iron or terra-cotta, and these structures are susceptible to disruption by exterior sources. It might seem striking that vegetation and other environmental factors have the ability to pry open the joints between two pipe segments, but this phenomena happens often.

During the video sewer inspection procedure, a video inspection device is used to locate the obstruction and determine how to clear it. This process involves a specialized video device that is pulled along the pipe with a cord or driven with a small tractor. With the help of these devices, the nature of a clog can be determined, and a cleaning method can be applied.

Video sewer inspections are recommended for homeowners who struggle with frequent sewer or drain line backups, clogs, and slow drains. They're also advised is you experience sudden high water bills that may indicate a sewer line leak. If you're looking for a reputable Fort Lauderdale plumbing company that is experienced in video sewer inspections, reach out to CEC Plumbing to discuss this service with our skilled plumbers.

What Happens During a Video Sewer Inspection?

Video sewer inspections involve waterproof plumbing cameras that allow for a visual examination of sewer lines and other underground pipes under cement and home foundations. An inspection will begin when your local plumber inserts a high-resolution video camera attached to a rod into your Fort Lauderdale home's sewer lines. These cameras are flexible so that they can twist and turn throughout sewer lines from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter.

The footage from the camera is transmitted to your plumber so that the condition within the sewer lines can be assessed immediately. Radio transmitters on the camera also record the depth and physical location of obstructions or defects within the drain line. Once your plumbing company has resolved the complication, another video inspection is performed to confirm that the solution was successful.

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