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Diagnosing Irrigation System Problems

Diagnosing irrigation systems

Many Coral Springs homeowners and business owners install irrigation systems to increase convenience and the values of their residential and commercial properties. Along with regular upkeep, your irrigation system will require occasional repairs from a reputable plumbing company, so monitoring your irrigation system to ensure proper operation is important.

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An irrigation system involves several components, including a water source, sprinklers, valves, pipes, and a timer. To turn on, the irrigation system's timer activates the power source, and the designated valve will release water through the sprinkler heads.

Common Irrigation System Problems

  • Leaks - If a pipe becomes broken before the valve, it will produce a major leak that could cause the pipe to rupture. A leaky pipe can be identified by signs such as spongy soil or exceptionally green grass in a particular area of your lawn. Leaks located after the valve will become noticeable only when the timer activates the zone with the broken pipe.
  • Broken Pipes - Signs of a broken or cracked underground pipe include geysers, moist soil, and a constantly running water meter. This problem should be addressed by an experienced plumbing company as soon as you notice these signs because thousands of gallons of water can be wasted, resulting in excessively high water bills. Underground pipes often become damaged from reckless shoveling and tree roots.
  • Damaged Sprinkler Heads - If sprinkler heads are incorrectly adjusted or broken, they won't distribute water properly, and areas of your lawn will remain dry and underwatered. If a simple adjustment of the sprinkler head doesn't correct the problem, a new sprinkler head can be purchased and installed by your local plumbing company at an affordable cost.
  • Clogged Sprinkler Heads - Sprinkler heads can become blocked by dirt and yard debris. This problem can be fixed quite easily by turning the irrigation system off, removing the clogged sprinkler head nozzle, and removing all of the debris from the nozzle's screen.

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